My History - Childhood Fashion

I've always been a lover of alternative fashion from a young age, and by that I mean I've avidly avoided following current trends. I was a child of the 80s, and a teenager of the 90s and my fashion genre fell into wearing 'whatever I darn well pleased'. It was usually a grand collection (lovely strewn out on my bedroom floor) gathered from my Grandma's and Mother's closets, the nearest second hand store, and odd bits from an affordable chain store such as Forever 21. I can't say I've changed significantly, except that I've learned to hang my clothes up now. My love for my Grandmother's and Mother's vintage wardrobes has followed me into my adulthood (once I finished up my goth phase). I now wear vintage (original and repo) on a daily basis, and have patterned most of my stage costumes on 1920s/30s pieces. For me, every moment of my life is performative. We use our wardrobe to portray a version of ourselves to the world, and this is something I've adopted from a young age. With each bit of beautiful fabric I feel that much closer to the person I endeavour to be kind, soft, compassionate, gentle, wild, unique, confident and strong. Below is a collection of photos of my fashion from childhood to my early teenage years.

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